Aluminum Extrusion

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Aluminum extrusion profiles

    Aluminum extrusion profiles is a processes by which aluminum alloy material is forced through the mold of specific profile.

     Its lightweight, rustproof, and long service life. Therefore, it is popular to use as a multipurpose aluminum cabinet.

    RMC GROUP distributes all types of aluminum extrusion profiles with anodize and powder coating service.

Section example:

  1. Aluminum Angle
  2. Aluminum Frame
  3. Round Tube
  4. Aluminum T-bar
  5. Aluminum square tube

Galvanized steel coil

        Galvanized steel or Painted Galvanized steel coil is our technology which use steel coil processed by extrusion through the mold in order to substitute the aluminium profile. It is more durable,harder and heavier than aluminium with anti-rust properties.

        RMC Group also provides customized sizes and lengths for convenience, saving time to proceed, cost control, and avoiding waste-cutting scraps. Pre-painted galvanized steel coil / galvanized steel extrusion Thickness 0.23mm

Color: non-painted, white, light bronze, and silver

Aluminum Coil

        Our Aluminum Coil has thickness of 0.22 mm. Its purpose is used for covering the back and side edge of an aluminum cabinet. It also has anti-rust properties,water resistant, easy to clean. Therefore, it is popular to use in assembling furniture.

Standard size RMC Group (thickness 0.22 mm.)

  1. Width 16 inch
  2. Width 18 inch
  3. Width 30 inch
  4. Width 35 inch
  5. Width 48 inch

Aluminum Perforated Coil

        Our aluminum Perforated Coil is aluminum sheet drilled into a sieve pattern. Suitable for use as a component in various aluminum furniture such as aluminum kitchen cabinets, wash dishes aluminum cabinets, etc. to prevent moisture and can ventilate the cabinet.

Standard size RMC Group

  1. width 16 inches, length 50 meters
  2. width 18 inches, length 50 meters

Aluminum extrusion Products

Aluminum Mirror Frame

SKU : AMF 001

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Aluminum Round Pipe

SKU : ARP 001

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Aluminum Scene

SKU : AS 001

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Aluminum Box

SKU : AB 001

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Forming Steel Products

Angle Iron Forming

SKU : ALF 001

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Forming steel U shape

SKU : FSU 001

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Decorative OPP Film (Oriented Polypropylene)

OPP Smile 979

SKU : OPP 979

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OPP - Magnolia 978

SKU : OPP 978

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OPP – Fruit 977

SKU : OPP 977

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OPP - Banana Strawberry 976
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